Provider of Unlimited & Multiple Instant Print Photobooth


Step 1
Grab yourself or 1 - 5 of your friends or nemesis ...
Step 2
Select props & Get ready for 3 - 4 different poses. Our crew will guide your guest all the way to make sure photos are perfectly shot.
Step 3
Stand in front of the automated photo booth box and see yourself live on the screen. POSE your sexy, funny or make silly faces. Every print comes with 3 or 4 different poses, so make 3 or 4 awesome gorgeous poses. 
Step 4
Photos are printed immediately with our commercial dye sub printer (not inkjet printer/laser/home use dye sub printer). Wait for your awesome photos at our print station. Photos are dried instantly, no need to fan it ...
Step 5
Photos will also be uploaded in our gallery page for your guests to share or download.

F.A.Q :-

Q: Why do I need a photo booth?
A: Photo Booth is a fun activity to have for any events. It's an awesome activities for Annual Dinner, Road Show, Wedding, Birthday, Reunion, Gathering, Launching, Bachelor Party, Door Gifts, Discount Voucher. It's for All Parties, Any Private events & Any Corporate Events.  
Remember to get professional photo booth vendor for your memorable event & plus don't forget the having FUN part no matter the age.
Q: Where are you based?
A: We are based in Kuala Lumpur, however we can travel to you anywhere in West Malaysia with additional transport surcharge.
Q: How do you charge?
A: Do select type of printout (Wallet Size, 2R Bookmark, Pocket Size or 4R), the hour required, date, location & requirement. Do let us know , we will then email you our quotation with special offer (from time to time). Do follows us in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for updates & promos.
Q: Is set up and pack down time included in the price?
A: NO. We will come earlier for the set up and will only pack when your booking time finish.
Q: How many people can take picture at a time & is it unlimited print?
A: We will strongly suggest as little as 1 to a max of 6..... By the way, we provide unlimited amount of photo sessions, your guests can snap & print again & again ... no limit. 
Q: What is your print out size?
A: We print Wallet Size, 2R Bookmark, Pocket Size & 4R. 
Q: What is the camera different between 6, 12, 18, 22 Megapixel (MP) & etc in market?
A: As we print Wallet Size, 2R bookmark, Pocket Size or 4R size, we only need appx 2 MP. 
Beware of promises in the market. You can always check online or with fellow photographers or camera shops on what is Megapixel all about. 
Q: What about the photo print layout?
A: We can customize the printout for FREE.

Q: What about backdrop? What if I want a custom one that fit my theme?
A: Yes we specialize in custom backdrop. It depends on what theme you want. Pls email us your thoughts and in return will give you our most competitive price. Be rest assured.
Q: How long in advance should we confirm the custom backdrop and photo layout print?
A: Will need min 2 weeks in advance. Pls note will only start work after we have receive you payment.
Q: How is the quality of the printed photo?
A: We print our photos on high quality dye sub printer..... Beware of vendor offering cheap prices, they might use laserjet, inkjet or maybe small little dye sub printer (1 minute for 1 single copy).
Q: How many photos will I get for the duration of my rental?
A: Lets do a basic calculation. If your guest takes about 1 min for their photos to be taken, for 2 hours rental you'll have about +/- 240 photo prints. If you are signing up for the multiple packages, you will be expecting double the volume +/- 500 of 2R strips (2 hours).
It all depends on the actual day and situation. It could be more or less.
Q: Do you provide Instant Instax package?
A: Yes we do. Please call to enquire.
Q: What is the difference between unlimited print and multiple print per session?
A: There are 2 types of unlimited print.
1) 1 print per session (4R package), meaning every time your guest stands in front of the camera, system will automatically print out 1 piece only, no matter the amount of guest or 2 print per session (2R Bookmark), system will print automatically print 2 pieces only.

2) We at Real Photo Booth system support unlimited & multiple print per session, meaning everyone that stands in front of the camera will get a copy of the print out immediately. You don't need to wait until event is over & you get it immediately. IMMEDIATELY cool is that ?
Q: Can I extend the rental time on the event day itself?
A: It depends on the day itself as most of the times our schedule are back to back. You can always check with our guys. 
However it will be best if you could decide earlier on the hours. 
Q: Can my guest download, share or print the photos on their own?
A: Yes they can. 
Just visit our FB: and your guest can download, share, tag or even print their photos there. 
We will inform them on the day of the events.
Q: Payment?
A: 50% Deposit is required to secured booking date as it is on first come first serve basis. 
Balance 50 % to be paid on event day before set up.... (later you will be busy entertaining guests ... not nice to disturb la)
Q: Can I postponed or cancel my booking?
A: Yes you can postpone your booking but it has to be 14 days before or your payment will be forfeited and you will need to do another date check with us for the availability.
We cannot promise you your new date as our booking are based on first come first serve basis.
We can however work with you until you get a new date.
As for cancellation, there will be no refund. Photobooth unit & Staff will be reserved & allocated for your event. 
Q: Backdrop?
A: We provide backdrop as an option to our clients from our existing fabric to customised print as well, just sent us the design (7 ft x 7 ft). Kindly provide space for backdrop, we do not refund backdrop charges should space does not favour our set up. 
Q: How reliable is Real Photo Booth? Will you show up on my event day on time?
A: No worries. We have 3 units on standby to cater for the market demand & we can commit our 100% attendance (You want 2 weeks, we will be there for full 2 weeks. 2 months, we will be there for full 2 months. 2 years ... also no problem). We can also custom build for your event - call us for discussion.

We are fully committed & serious in our work. Will be ready on schedule as always. However, if any unfortunate events happen during the journey due to unforseen circumstances, we will not be reliable for any damage claim.
We will refund you without question ask. Do provide your banking details, you will receive the refund the next working day (subject to our Malaysian banking regulation).
Q: I'm still confuse, I can't find what I need and I need to ask you more?
A: No worries. Pls feel free to call us at 011 1213 5350 or email us at realpbooth @ or realphotos @
It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions. So just ring us or write to us.

T & C

1. REAL PHOTO BOOTH reserves the rights to reject or cancel any event and 100 % payment received will be refunded to the client.
2. REAL PHOTO BOOTH shall not & will not be liable for any costs or damages arised from the cancellation or rejection.
3. REAL PHOTO BOOTH reserves the rights to use client's images and materials for the purpose of advertising, marketing & publicity purposes.
4. REAL PHOTO BOOTH shall not & will not be liable for any injuries caused indirectly or directly to the client/guests/customers from the usage of our services.

5. REAL PHOTO BOOTH will required a space of minimum space of  7 ft x 7 ft, 2 tables (subject to size of the tables) & non sharing power outlet (direct source). Should our system unable to start due to insufficient power source, REAL PHOTO BOOTH will have to stop operation & NO REFUND will be made.